The Experience


I will not do my job any different than if I was a female photographer. The comfort of my clients is quintessential! As a professional photographer I’m fully committed to providing a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for you. Please feel free to check out some of the testimonials from my previous clients!


Privacy comes first. I only share your photos on my social media or website if you give me your written permission! Of course, I’d love to share your beautiful photos to show others how incredible the experience is, but if you are uncomfortable having them shared, I completely understand!

''Richard is the most incredible, most professional photographer I’ve ever met. Not only just does he get the perfect shot he just makes you feel so calm and comfortable. Working with him does not feel like work at all. So professional but also so down to earth and reassuring. Would 100% recommend.''
- E
''Wow!!! These images are so amazingly beautiful, thank you Richard. Can’t wait to work with you again.''
- B
''Richard! Firstly, thank you for giving me one of the biggest confidence boosts possible (as well as brilliant day out – I’d never realised how beautiful Sussex was). When I looked at the perfectly edited pictures, I was astounded at how you had managed to capture a side of me that I never knew that I had. I looked beautiful, happy and carefree. Thank you so much for this! Honestly, doing a shoot with you was a real awakening, it made me proud of my body and myself as a person - boudoir shoots take a lot of courage! It was definitely an experience that I won’t forget in a hurry, and this in itself is almost as important as the beautiful photos that you took. Thank you once again for everything!''
- A
''I had the pleasure of working with Richard recently. I am still in utter amazement while viewing the beautiful photos he has taken of me. The patience and care displayed as I was guided from one pose to the next was so cohesive and natural, that immediately I was at ease throughout the entire experience with him. This is how meeting someone for the first time should be. There's no awkwardness, no apprehensiveness, nothing that can possibly ruin a newfound experience. I truly appreciate everything I learned that day and so much more. We literally spent the entire day together getting to know one another and starting a now permanent work relationship. Trust has been established and I am so grateful to have met such a genuine and talented individual.''
- P
''I had the most fantastic shoot with Richard. OMG! I was really nervous at first but he made me feel so at ease and comfortable that I just went for it. He took some of the most amazing pictures of me that I have ever seen! I can not wait to see the entire outcome and I honestly want to schedule another shoot already.''
- L
'WHAT. A. SHOOT! We spent nearly a year trying to sort out a date to work together but due to covid, it took much longer than expect. We managed to book a date for the beginning of April and my god was it worth the wait! Before the day he made the boundaries of the shoot very clear and his communication before, during and after the shoot was exceptional. He had booked this beautiful air b'n'b and it absolutely took my breath away! He met me and my friends (I can't drive and others tagged along which Richard was very understanding about) outside the venue, they stayed outside in a beautiful seating area and Richard and I went indoors to discuss the plan for the shoot. During the shoot he was chatty and lovely, put any nervousness to ease in a matter of seconds and it just made the whole day one to remember! I truly CANNOT speak highly enough of Richard! I am gutted that he is moving away because I would love to work with him again but I am so happy for him that he is moving on to bigger and better things. If you are ever fortunate to meet him and / or work with him, you will not regret it. He will help you to feel as beautiful as everyone else sees you and that is a gift that not many photographers have. X''
- M